A Teacher’s Legacy

Recalling the time Dad made us watch “Triumph of the Will”

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Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl at work. Via Wikimedia Commons. Public domain.

“What other job would pay me to read books?” he smiled.

I can think of no better gift than a set of firm expectations based on high standards.

In 1964, when Dad gave his first lecture, there were no PowerPoint projectors or VCRs — nor did any computers grace the desktops in offices. Yet even after these technological advances made their way onto campus, he eschewed the wizardry of modern academia. He winced at words like multimedia, took his sweet time warming up to chalk replacements like dry-erase markers, and staunchly refused to learn how to use a laptop.

I had no interest in imagining how my country could send Americans who looked like me to a so-called internment camp.

Writer and editor. Just here for the happy medium.

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